About "Archimedes" - activity and some of the results

1. What is MS "Archimedes"

Lesson at "Arhimedes" school

Mathematical Society "Archimedes" (formerly known as Club young mathematicians "Archimedes")is a specialized professional society in the field of education, which gathers primarily gifted young mathematicians and other lovers of mathematics and computer science of all ages (elementary and secondary schools, students, teachers and other adults who are dealing with mathematics) and to the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia (mostly in Belgrade). It was founded on October 1, 1973 in Belgrade. There are two categories of members: a) adult, b) pupils and students (offspring of the Company). So far been recorded over 30,350 members (28,400 students and 1950 teachers and other lovers of mathematics, computer science and natural sciences). This number also includes students "Arhimedes" school for young mathematicians, but does not include members of the Club "Mislisa" which has a total of about 271.500. The company is registered under the applicable regulations. Decision of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (Registrar associations) no. BU 5783/2010 "Archimedes" is entered in the Register together-tion in accordance with the Law on Associations ("RS Official Gazette" no. 51/09). The Articles of Association are set out aims and objectives, organization, management and its entire business. Operations of the Company by the Steering Committee of 11 members, including university professors, teachers in primary and secondary schools, staff from other institutions.

2. What does MS "Archimedes"    

"Archimedes" has long since become a true specialized center for gifted young mathematicians and other fans Matematko and Computer with designed system work and extensive activities on several sectors:

  • Mathematical and computer schools and courses
  • Permanent "Archimedes" school for young mathematicians (ASMM); Olympic group. Mailing mathematical school, Internet school, Summer and winter schools (camps) of young mathematicians, Computer courses, Specialized courses, Mathematical practicum, Math section.

  • Popularizing mathematics and science in general
  • Scientific and popular lectures outside the program ASMM (introduction to the great mathematics, the application of mathematics, encouraging the creativity of young people, etc..). Mathematical performances, quizzes, gatherings, exhibitions, competitions, promotions (within ASMM occasion 1st October - On "Archimedes" and celebrations of significant anniversaries of the Company, during math tournaments and other appropriate occasions). Contributions in magazines and the media. Getting schools and teachers with our foreign math and related journals.

  • Mathematical tournaments and other competitions
  • Mathematics Tournament - team championships in primary and secondary schools in Serbia Mathematics (Mathematical Olympiad primary and secondary schools). Mailing Mathematical Olympiad; Internet olimpi-yada. Massive national mathematics competitions "Mislisa". International Mathematics Tournament of Towns (in Belgrade).

  • Conferences teachers (teacher training)
  • Mathematical discussion for teachers of mathematics. Mathematical discussion for teachers. Computer forums. Winter specialized seminars for teachers (three seminars: mathematics, computer science, teachers). Thematic seminars and practicum. Summer and winter schools (seminars) for teachers-mentors to work with gifted students. Training teachers for extra work, etc.. Consultation. Cooperation with schools and other organiza-tions at home and abroad. "Archimedes" has so far had 11 accredited semi-nara at the Institute for the Advancement of Education (ZUOV).

  • Publishing activities (reference books for students and teachers)
  • Materials for young mathematicians (edition themed brochure). Collections of the mathematics of "Arhimedesovih" competition) and for the preparation of the competition (by grade). Edition of "Mathematics of the Serbian people." Small teaching library "Mathematical discussions." Library "Special Editions". Collection of tests in mathematics for elementary school. Methodical manuals. The journal "Mathematical enjoyer." The collection of paintings of Fame mathematicians and physicists. Posters "Mathematics in Color" (with mathematical content).

  • A specialized library (books, magazines)
  • Encyclopaedias, general reference. History of mathematics giants. The teaching of mathematics. Textbooks for all levels of mathematics education. Literature for young mathematicians. Magazines. Chess. (Most of the books and magazines in foreign languages​​, mostly Russian).

  • Other (Indok, general, technical)
  • Information and Documentation, administrative and accounting, technical and other, site.

    Notice:From 1st November 2008, changed the name of the "company": instead of Young Mathematicians Club "Archimedes" is a new name: Mathematical Society "Archimedes". Previously known as Club "Archimedes" is not saying much. It was to be understood in a broad sense, as "Archimedes" is much more than some sort of club, to the manifold activities, and the results he achieved in promoting and actual work on the mathematics education of young people and the professional work of teachers (all in inadequate conditions). It was and remains a kind of "mathematical house", the largest center for lovers of mathematics in our (youth and adult) and throughout the year.
    Some of the activities is the first in Serbia initiated, designed and successfully developed the "Archimedes", and later served as a model for others.
    "Archimedes" cooperates with schools, scientific and other organizations at home and abroad.

      3. What has been done MS "Archimedes"?
    (Status 31.08.2014. Was)

    Statistical data, as a rule, bother. However, in the story of "Archimedes", without some of these data can not be a true picture of the contribution of "Archimedes' mathematical education in Serbia, especially in Belgrade. And this contribution is very significant. Here's what was done 41 year, mainly on the basis of enthusiasm (for the first 20 years of the "Archimedes" concept fees simply did not exist):

  • There were about 65,000 lessons about 41,850 students in the "Archimedes" schools for young mathematicians and other courses: 40 generation permanent "Archimedes" schools with a total of about 27,130 students of primary and secondary schools (all grades); 117 summer and winter schools with 10,430 students; 2,060 students in the math section; 1,333 students at 50 computer courses (1,300 hours), 900 practicum students in mathematics (2,270 hours);

  • About 6,150 students in a correspondence school for young mathematicians (PS), with internet vartijantom and written lessons for all topics (IV-VII times.)

  • held 85 scientific and popular lectures 223 various "mathematical "events (quizzes, exhibitions, gatherings, contests, promotions, etc..) with around 25,700 present, where the exhibition emphasizes the Pedagogical Museum on the occasion of 30 years of "Archimedes"; around 200 reports in magazines and other media outlets, for example, contributions from mathematics to newspapers "Politika Ekspres" (Students' party on Tuesday), "Kekec" "Kids newspaper," "Archimdes" corner in the journal "Computers" 1998-1990); meet all the schools in the former Yugoslavia with important data for 30 domestic and international mathematical journals for students and teachers;

  • held 76 Mathematics Tournament - Mathematical Olympiad primary and secondary schools (team championships Serbia in mathematics): 40 for primary school and 36 in secondary schools - a total of 4,554 team with 20,683 competitors; raised and Nine times (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) held a mass national mathematical competition "Mislisa" with the 271,500 participants (after the competition "Kangaroo"); held eight times Mailing Mathematical Olympiad for elementary school during the first half of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (in two rounds and republ. finale) with about 14,100 participants; held four times Internet Mathematical Olympiad for PS (1,780 students); organized 16 participation of Belgrade (610 students) International Mathematics Tournament of Towns (in which each year features more than 100 cities around the the world, with about 10,000 participants), including 16 summer conference-finals of the Tournament of Towns (with the participation of 77 student-representatives of Belgrade); composed 1,930 tasks around 169,000 students in other math contests; organized competition for young programmers Yugoslavia 1988 -1990. in collaboration with the magazine "Computer" and the Mathematical High School in Belgrade (skills during the school year and the finale in May)

  • held 1,990 courses for teachers 1,128 seminars and other professional meetings in which employ a total of over 78,400 present teachers 396 mathematical discussion for mathematics teachers in primary and secondary schools, 70 mathematical discussions for teachers 65 computer stands, 75 winter specialized republican seminar (30 of Mathematics, 30 Computing and 15 for teachers), 135 short thematic seminars, 160 individual lectures and 140 instructive consultative meetings with the participants of these meetings (through evaluation questionnaires and other occasions) gave the highest marks to the content and quality of all "Arhimedesovih" seminars and other professional meetings; All these seminars have so far been accredited;

  • It is written and published 375 titles of various publications in circulation over 2.44 million copies, for example, in a specialized edition of "Materials for young mathematicians" was published 170 title (thematic brochures); "Archimedes" has the largest selection of handy mathematical literature for math lovers of all ages;

  • created a specialized the library with 26,600 Books and 5,550 copies of the magazine (in local and foreign languages​​), in many ways unique to our area, the only one who is always at the service of students and teachers.

  • As you can see, the data/results are impressive.

    * * *

         "Archimedes" mathematical concept of school and other activities has given exceptional results.
          Holders of awards and other honors in math competitions of all kinds and levels with us in a number of the students "Arhimedesovih" school mathematics. Similarly, when it comes to international competitions in mathematics: international Mathematical Olympiad for high school students (IMO), Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad for older elementary school students (JBMO) Balkan Mathematical Olympiad for middle-školce (BMO), International Mathematics tournament of Towns (MMTG). The last fifteen years, most members of our national teams, "Arhimedesovci" (consisting of members of the "Archimedes" Olympic Group) in those international competitions in mathematics almost always have all won medals. For example, the IMO for high during the period 1992-2014. BMO and the period 1995-2014. The "Arhimedesovci" are of exactly 181 won 144 medals for our country, ie. About 80% of all medals! For 16 years the Summer Conference (finals) of the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns all "Arhimedesovci" (and they were the majority of participants from Serbia) every year and won a prize.
         "Arhimedes" the most successful and the competition for enrollment in Mathematics. Those students are most successful students in all faculties. For example, the generation of students at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade for 8 consecutive years (until 2010) were the only "Arhimedesovci" once participants "Archimedes" Olympic Group (otherwise, the regular students of the Mathematical High School in Belgrade). It is worth adding that many other successful young mathematicians, including "The Magnificent Six" (from the same department Mathematical High School Belgrade), who is now studying at Cambridge, were "Arhimedes" school for several years (some 7 to 10 years).      Many successful "Arhimedes" even before the entry into the Mathematical High School or any other high schools were "Arhimedesovoj" school for several years (some since the first grade of elementary school, and even of 12 years), and there are certainly learned a lot. However, the contribution of "Archimedes" mentioned successes in public is usually hushed and mostly attributed to home school students.      In "Archimedes" have learned their mathematical horizons broadened many students who are now famous names in the field of mathematics and engineering. Many are studying or working at prestigious foreign universities, and some are there and doctorate.      Without exaggeration, we can say that the "Archimedes" kind nursery successful mathematicians, engineers and other professionals. Of course, there should not be inferred that for their success is credited only "Archimedes", but it is undoubtedly its contribution is very important.
         on the whole contribution "Archimedes' mathematical education a real court can give primarily participants in its various activities.
         details about the successes discussed in other parts of the Company "Identity Card" "Note about Archimedes" "Success and Olympic group A complete overview of the work of "Archimedes" contains in pictures and words PowerPoint presentation on this website (About Us ).
           4. What are the essential characteristics of "Arhimedesovih" activities       

          "Archimedes" was the initiator and implementer of a series of new professional activities and innovations that today other giro applied in practice.
          No operation random character. Access to each activity is a complex, long-lasting and designed. High professional level and quality of the essential characteristics of all activities. "Archimedes" is as associates gathered and now brings together teachers from primary and secondary schools, and our international experts from universities and other institutions, primarily enthusiasts. Among them are our current seen mathematicians (among them Academician Milosav Marjanovic ), but the stars of Serbian Mathematical Sciences, now date that academics and university professors: academics Duro Kurepa, Slobodan Aljančić and Tatomir Andelic, as well as famous professors Dragoslav Mitrinović Slavisa Prešić and Dragan Trifunovic (they were regular or honorary members of the "Archimedes"). Lecturers in "Arimedes" mathematical schools and seminars for teachers were also distinguished professors from abroad (known activists in the activities covered by the "Archimedes"): A. A. Yegorov and VN Dubrovski (Sun MGU), NH Rozov (Pedag. Fak. MGU), academician VM Tikhomirov (Mat. Fak. MGU), NN Konstantinov (NMU, Moscow), I. Stojmenovic (University of Ottawa, Canada), I. Dimitrić (State University of Uniontown, USA).
              Overall activity of "Archimedes" is characterized by high professional professionalism.

       5. What problems plague "Archimedes"

         MS "Archimedes" is not on the state budget and no permanent funding sources or adequate work space and library. Funds provided from membership fees, contributions of its members and associates, the issuance and sale of publications, professional services and other revenues in accordance with the law, including the (lack of) participation Ministasrva education, science and technological development to maintain mathematical competitions.
         "Archimedes" no workers employed full-time (can not be provided with wage, because there is no permanent and reliable source of financing).
         Recent period the company has not done much to create the conditions and assisting the Club or Society "Archimedes", although there were good wishes and promises. Almost everything that was achieved primarily the result of volunteering enthusiasts. For 41 years of existence and work, "Archimedes" from society (primarily from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and formerly of aprosvete Ministry and the Ministry of Science and Technology) received earmarked only about 5% of the funds it was necessary and that the expended for activities. Until twenty years ago the cost of winter republican seminar for teachers in all professional societies (including the "Archimedes") partially covered the then Ministry of Education, and after that was mentioned financial aid seminars. Regarding student competitions, this year the ministry budget gets modest means to participate in the costs of numerous competitions republic level, but for several years the allocation of those funds to the organizers of the competition is not adequate to the actual cost of individual competition (just take into account their scope, content, quality and importance). It's the last couple of years and felt "Archimedes", which has seven competitions, and received insufficient funds, sometimes funny little resources, only two or three competitions (mostly in math tournaments - the team's Mathematical Olympiad primary and secondary schools in Serbia) but in the previous year significantly improved the situation, for which we thank the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development. Let us also mention that the "Archimedes" by SGB (Secretariat of Finance) received one-time financial assistance for mathematics and computer stands in 2005. Regarding donations, except two or three, other donations from the side were almost insignificant.
          For the expansion of the mission "Archimedes" and more successful operation, one of the big problems is that the media in Serbia (print and television) rarely disclose information about "Archimedes" and its activities, although their information delivered regularly.
         Yet the "Archimedes" has achieved outstanding results in all of its activities and the company made ​​a significant contribution to the field of mathematics education.       If the Republic and the City of Belgrade helped "Archimedes", including it significant to the appropriate systems of financing of educational, scientific and development activities, and even with adequate support from the media, then the results achieved were even higher, wider and deeper range.
         What has worked and achieved "Archimedes", considering the conditions, in the opinion of the professional and academic public, not exactly commonplace. It would indeed be interesting to hear what they are supposed to be doing and do the "Archimedes" to put our country adequately helped to create better working conditions!

    © 1998-2014, MS "Archimedes"